Demonstration Flights

Demonstration flights are a powerful tool for showcasing the capabilities, performance, and unique features of an aircraft

At Spectrum Aviation Services, we offer comprehensive, safe and professional Demonstration flight services, utilising experienced qualified crew who operate within regulatory requirements. 

We achieve this by supplying you with our industry leading flight operations support, fully licensed and current flight crew, industry leading safety standards and any other operational support that you require in order to complete your demonstration flight to the highest standard.


Budgeted Solutions

Comprehensive estimate of trip costs is provided in Pro-Forma Invoice prior to commencement of operation.

Transparent Billing

Comprehensive and detailed single invoice issued upon trip completion.

Complete In-House Managed Solutions

All services provided are planned, managed and executed in-house.

Competitive Pricing

We pass on the most competitively priced fuel at all times.

Communication is Key

We encourage and provide full, clear and concise communication with our clients and teams during operations. We set realistic expectations and ensure ongoing, accurate information is continually provided to our customers, crews and handling agents.

Support Services

Route Planning

Selection of the most suitable flight plan route based on aircraft performance, costs, airspace requirements, seasonal weather, crewing requirements, political requirements, en-route stops and overflight and airport slots.


We provide only qualified current and experienced flight crew. We can provide crews with JAA, FAA and ICAO licences all with recent LPC and commercial flight experience. Our selection of crew is based on ensuring the safe, efficient and cost effective completion of the aircraft movement. Positioning of crews is kept to a minimum and managed in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Flight Planning

Using our in-house computerised flight plans we provide accurate pre flight planning services in relation to endurance, optimum routings, fuel burn crew briefings. 4 hours prior to the estimated departure time full computerised flight plans are generated and dispatched to the flight crew and handling agents. Flight planning includes ATC Plan, navigation information, fuel calculations, alternates, weather and notam briefings. Should delays incur prior to departure, updated plans can be provided at short notice.

Navigation Charts

We provide the necessary navigation charts and airfield plates to operating crews, if required.

Ground Handling

We pre-arrange all ground handling required for the flight. Our handling agents will meet the aircraft on arrival, coordinate fuelling and assist in ensuring an efficient departure of the aircraft. We also arrange all necessary hotel accommodation and ground transportation for the crew.


All fuel is pre-ordered and pre paid for the full flight routing. Our clients benefit from discounted fuel prices negotiated at each airport.

Overflight & Landing Permits

We apply for and manage all required overflight and landing permits required for the prescribed route. Overflight permit confirmation numbers passed to handling agents and also printed on flight plans provide to crews.