A330 Pilot Jobs

Contract pilot Jobs are currently available for A330 Captains and First Officers. Spectrum Aviation are currently Offering global vacancies on the A330 aircraft. We can offer contract positions and also full-time permanent positions available

A330 Airlines Currently Recruiting

Spectrum Aviation have A330 Captains and First Officers positions available with Fiji Airways and Rwandair. This is an excellent opportunity for A330 Captains and A330 First Officers for long-term global commuting contracts. These A330 contract pilot jobs offer excellent opportunities with extensive route networks available. The bases for these positions are in Africa and Fiji.

The A330 aircraft is one of the worlds most popular commercial wide body jets and experienced A330 pilots are continually required by our client airlines. We can offer pilot positions (Captains and First Officers) on the A330 aircraft.

To find the job that will best suit your qualifications just type the aircraft type in the search box below – we can the advise the pilot jobs we have on that type of aircraft.

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