A Day In The Life Of A Contract Pilot


A typical day in the life of Contract Pilot,

Another day where you find yourself knotting your tie in front of the mirror after putting on your uniform, you say goodbye to your family and go to work waiting for a quiet flight.

On the way to airport you look the sky and do a quick analysis of the forecast weather at you home base, checking at the same time your phone for any update with the crew or any delay expected.

Once at the airport a lot of things come to your mind: Aircraft condition, time of departure, weather on Route and at destination, how many passengers and more things that you have to deal with and quickly process!

Walking to the aircraft with the whole crew you can feel that everyone there is playing for the same team with good energy and enthusiasm, then each crewmember takes his duties and be ready to receive the passengers..

“ V1 ..  Rotate “ ..those are the last words on ground and then you’re in the air ..

Lists and lots of checks, radio communications and navigation corrections on the way up, in cruise you do route checks and briefings about what comes next and which approach is using the destination airport, sometimes avoiding bad weather and then a safely land.

We do this almost every day, for us is a great job, we are transporting mothers, fathers, sister, friends of people, it’s a big task and a big responsibility that we have, but it’s a Team work.. that’s what it is, a group of people giving their best to accomplish a task.

The Team includes many others that are supporting you every day, in my case I’m a Contract Pilot, the connection with my broker it’s really important, I have the last updates and news about the company by them in a serious and responsible way, we get paid in time, better said: before the end of the month, that is not less important.

It was really difficult for me to get back into Commercial Aviation after more than a year, many doors were closed but I found Spectrum Aviation, a company, a Team that worked and works for their pilots, they’ve put me in a jet cockpit again and thanks to that I could continue my dreams..